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New features in Version 4.0

Now optimised for interactive whiteboard/touchscreen use:

• Generate and edit questions 'on the fly' using touch alone (no keyboard entry required).

• Add questions, edit the number of subsections, reorder and delete questions on the touch screen.

• Then use touch to write and draw on your pdf worksheets on the screen.

• In other words, unlimited questions for you to work through on your interactive board, generated on demand.

New features in Version 3.1

New topics, mainly for Year 7/8/9:

• Short division: 3 to 6 digit integer and decimal divided by 2-9.

• Divisibility checks: divide by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 18, 25.

• BIDMAS with brackets, indices and vinculum.

• Negative numbers with brackets, indices and vinculum.

• Ordering decimals.

• Sequences from word rules.

• Words to expressions.

• Three rules of indices with 1 number and 1 variable.

• Plot coordinates in 1 or 4 quadrants.

• Recognise coordinates in 1 or 4 quadrants.

• Find the missing vertex/vertices in a square.

• Chain rule: powers of linear expressions.

Improved topics:

• Collect like terms.

• Solve linear equations: greatly enhanced differentiation of topics.

• 2D area and perimeter: easier numbers, and with units.

New features in Version 3.0

Over 300 additional topics now available:

• Exact values of sin, cos and tan.

• Expand three binomial brackets.

• Inverse functions.

• Composite functions.

• Find a turning point by completing the square.

• Estimate the gradient of a graph by drawing a tangent.

• Find the nth term of a quadratic sequence.

• Sequences including triangle, square, cube, Fibonacci numbers.

• Quadratic inequalities.

• Equation of a circle.

• Equation of tangent to a circle.

• Sketch y = sin x, y = cos x, y = tan x.

Other new topics include:

• Definitions and terminology across all areas.

• Surface area/volume of a cuboid and a cube.

• Angles in a triangle, quadrilateral and regular polygon.

• Construction methods.

• Simple loci.

• Back bearings.

• Sketch graphs.

Also a major new section covering advanced vectors in great depth, with worked solutions:

• Scalar (dot) product.

• Angle between two vectors.

• Test for perpendicular vectors.

• Vector (cross) product.

• Unit vectors.

• Area of parallelogram/triangle.

• Volume of parallelepiped/tetrahedron.

• Vector/Cartesian line equations.

• Is a point on a line?

• Distance from point to line.

• Lines intersect/skew/parallel?

• Shortest distance between two lines.

• Vector/Cartesian plane equations.

• Angle between planes.

• Angle between a plane and a line.

• Does a point lie in a plane?

• Distance of a point from a plane.

• Line of intersection of two planes.

• Intersection of a line with a plane.

New features in Version 2.2

Many additional topics now available...

• Surface area and volume of 3D shapes including cylinders, cones, spheres and compound solids.

• Lattice multiplication, grid multiplication, 3 and 4 digit addition and subtraction.

• Converting metric units, including area and volume; converting metric/imperial units.

• Algebraic fraction equations leading to factorisable quadratics.

• Similar shapes, similar triangles.

Many behind-the-scenes improvements, too...

• All answers are now rounded correctly.

• Handling of pdf files improved.

• Fixed problem with reciprocal graph tables.

New features in Version 2.1

MATHSprint will now set entire examination papers for you, complete with a cover page and a customisable formula sheet!

• You have complete control over the front cover text and rubric as well as a choice of all GCSE formulae, including area and circumference of a circle, area of a trapezium, surface area and volume of a sphere, cone and cylinder, volume of a prism, Pythagoras, trigonometric ratios, sine and cosine rules, area of a triangle and the quadratic formula. You can also include any of these formulae on a standard worksheet if you wish.

Many new topics are available, plus better differentiation of existing ones, bringing the current total to 888 topics.

• Extensive coverage of probability, including basics of probability, using probability tables, listing outcomes for coins, dice and spinners, independent and mutually exclusive events, tree diagrams.

• Mean and modal class from tabulated data and grouped discrete and continuous data, finding a list of numbers with a given mean, median, mode, etc.

• Completing a table of values for a function and plotting a graph (cubic, quadratic, linear, reciprocal functions), finding the gradient of a point on a curve, solving for a curve intersecting a straight line.

• Completing the square and then using this to find the vertex co-ordinates, max/min value and line of symmetry of a quadratic.

• 'Show that' fraction questions for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

• Completing a cumulative table and then plotting a cumulative frequency graph.

• Improved differentiation of topics including straight-line graphs, shading regions, collecting like terms, expanding over one bracket.

All mathematical symbols now display correctly in all versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader and on all devices (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones).

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